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Most modern vehicles come prescribed with a regular maintenance schedule designed to keep your car running as it should. This is referred to as ‘factory scheduled maintenance,’ or 30/60/90K mile maintenance. Certain services should be performed every 30,000, 60,000, or 90,000 miles. McCullough NAPA Auto Care offers drivers in Atlanta scheduled vehicle maintenance programs that fit these manufacturer suggestions.

Having your car inspected and serviced as needed allows us to stay on top of repairs as they pop up. With scheduled maintenance, our ASE-Certified technicians can spot and fix issues before they become larger, more expensive issues.

Why Factory Scheduled Vehicle Maintenance Is Important

We recommend scheduled maintenance plans because they can give your vehicle the support and service needed to perform at high levels over an increased lifespan.

  • Scheduled vehicle maintenance can help prevent minor problems from becoming major issues. Prevention goes a long way with auto care. 
  • Regular maintenance can identify possible problems early before damaging other parts and systems. 
  • Some manufacturer warranties require a 30/60/90K maintenance plan.
  • Scheduled maintenance can prolong the life of your vehicle and optimize performance over time.
  • Helps retain your car’s value. You can sell your car for more money if it has been kept in good shape with a scheduled maintenance plan. 

What Does a Typical Service Schedule Look Like?

Our 30/60/90K maintenance plans may vary depending on your vehicle manufacturer. A typical service schedule may look something like the following. 

  • Oil Change: every 3,000 to 10,000 miles
  • Tires: rotate every 6,000 miles
  • Air filter: replace every 15,000 to 20,000 miles
  • Fuel filter: replace every 30,000 miles
  • Steering: flush the steering system every 30,000 miles
  • Spark plugs: change every 40,000 miles
  • Tune-up: every 12,000 miles or once a year for cars that don’t have an electronic ignition; every 25,000 to 100,000 miles for a newer vehicle with an electronic ignition
  • Automatic transmission: change fluid and the filter every 60,000 miles
  • Timing belt: change every four or five years
  • Battery: replace every five years

Scheduled Vehicle Maintenance Programs with McCullough NAPA

A car breakdown can be inconvenient and dangerous. Contact McCullough NAPA Auto Care today to start your 30/60/90K vehicle maintenance program. ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a drop of cure,’ and doing so for your vehicle can help keep it running at peak performance for a longer period of time. Our technicians are all ASE-Certified and have experience working with every major vehicle manufacturer.