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Your engine is a network of moving and non-moving parts that seamlessly work to propel your car forward. These parts are subjected to extreme temperatures and physical force and will need to be repaired or replaced every so often. A good rule of thumb is to have your engine inspected annually or every 11,000 miles. Giving your engine regular tune-ups will keep it running at a high performance for a longer period of time. 

One telltale sign that your car needs a tune-up is if your check engine light is on. We’ve outlined five other signs that your vehicle needs a tune-up below. If any of these apply to you, we urge you to schedule an appointment at our service center.

1 – Delayed Acceleration

To accelerate, your engine needs both fuel and air to generate power. If you notice that your car’s acceleration is delayed when you press the gas pedal, your engine is likely not getting enough fuel or air. Replacing your engine air filter may solve the issue. Otherwise, you may need to repair or replace your fuel injectors or fuel pump. 

2 – Decrease In Fuel Economy

A decrease in miles per gallon is usually a direct result of engine performance. Whether it’s that dirty engine air filter, bad fuel injectors, a dirty oxygen sensor, or something else, a tune-up will ensure these systems are working correctly. We can also check your tire air pressure and inspect your wheel alignment, as these can also affect your miles per gallon.

3 – Your Vehicle Shakes or Vibrates

This could result from faulty spark plugs or other engine issues. If your car vibrates unusually when steering or braking, there may be issues within the steering system, brake lines, wheels, or brakes themselves. Our ASE-certified technicians can run a diagnostic on your vehicle and make the necessary repairs to stop the vibrations.

4 – Braking Issues

Arguably the most crucial safety feature, your car’s brakes should feel firm and responsive. If they feel too spongy and are unable to stop your vehicle quickly, or if the pedal feels unresponsive, come in for a brake diagnostic. A lousy brake system is dangerous for everyone on the road.

5 – Strange Noises

Keep an ear out for any strange noises you don’t usually hear. This could be your car telling you something is off. Screeching noises could be the result of worn-down belts or low fluid levels.

Schedule Your Next Tune-Up With McCullough NAPA Auto Care

Annual tune-ups, or at least annual inspections, are a great way to ensure that your engine and other systems in your car are functioning correctly. McCullough NAPA Auto Care offers different levels of maintenance plans to keep your car on a consistent, regular service schedule. Contact our office today to learn more or to schedule your tune-up service.