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You’ve heard the expression before – “Don’t blow a gasket.”  Any vehicle, no matter the make or model, can be susceptible to a blown gasket.  It’s a labor intensive fix fitting of the precautionary expression.

The head gasket is located between the engine block and cylinder head, and is arguably the most important gasket in your engine. The engine block houses the pistons and cylinders while the cylinder head houses the valves, spark plugs and camshaft.  The head gasket is designed to seal the cylinders within your engine ensuring maximum compression and prevention of coolant and engine oil from leaking into the cylinders.  There are a lot of pressures at play with the head gasket, and like most things, too much pressure can result in blowing your cool.  

A blown gasket may occur from your vehicle performing at high intensity under extreme heat.  An overheated engine could cause a blown gasket, not the other way around.  The extra heat from the engine could result in the engine block and cylinder head expanding to the point of a blown gasket.