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Electrical System Diagnostic

A car’s electrical system is very complex. Overall, it is an important aspect of your vehicle’s health and operation capacity. It is responsible for transmitting power to various components of your vehicle. Trust our trained technicians to handle your auto electrical repair needs.

One of our experienced ACE-Certified technicians will run a diagnostic on your vehicle’s electrical system. Afterwards we will be able to determine the cause of the malfunction. Following this, we perform the repair.

There are other inspection points aside from the diagnostic. We check your battery to make sure it is in working condition and operational. A test can be completed to see how strong your battery is. If a battery’s power has been compromised, it should be replaced. The average battery will last between three and six years, if properly taken care of. However, we recommend having your battery replaced every four years. 

When To Repair Your Electrical System

Firstly, dashboard lights and icons that aren’t fully illuminated are a tell-tale sign of electrical issues. Other signs include grinding and clicking sounds when starting the car, and headlights darkening while driving at slow speeds. These are all common repairs that result from auto electrical malfunctions and should soon be replaced.

The electrical system in any vehicle is what gives your ride life. It provides power to many different parts, including not only the battery, but your alternator and starter as well. Every vehicle’s electrical system is unique based on make and model. Some newer models may have a more complex computer system. These systems interact with your brakes, steering, sensors and more. You’ll want to have these areas troubleshooted by a professional whenever you notice them acting up.

Auto Electrical Repair

Auto Electrical Repair FAQ

This may be an issue with your starter and ignition. Dirt and heat can damage the starter so that it fails to send power when you try starting your car. This is a regular inspection point during our diagnosis. 

Short answer – your electrical system is going bad. Clicking is a result of a failing or discharged battery. If you also hear grinding, that may be a failing starter. 

Temperature plays a big part in negatively affecting an electrical system. Extreme heat or freezing temps play a factor. Also, the length of your trips. Driving only short trips never allows your battery to fully recharge. This will shorten battery life over time. 

Yes. Alternators tend to fail under high electrical demands. A poor starter won’t be able to turn over an engine.