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Having an emissions inspection done on your vehicle is certainly helpful for the environment. They help determine how much pollution one vehicle is producing. With this purpose in mind, emissions tests are required annually in Georgia when renewing your registration. If your vehicle fails the emissions inspection, then it is required to undergo repairs. 

The main reason these requirements are put in place is to reduce air pollution. Vehicles can be especially large players in polluting the air we breath. Emissions tests are a way to protect ourselves and our planet.

Emissions Inspection

Emissions Testing Procedure

Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to have your emissions tested 4-6 weeks prior to your vehicle renewal date. That way you have time to make any needed repairs. Don’t fret, these tests are not costly. They also don’t take that long to complete. Not bad for a required service.

Every engine gives emissions. However, there is a limit to how much one vehicle can produce. This again is to cut down on air pollution. Our technicians will visually inspect your vehicle. They will simultaneously run a diagnostic report that shows emission output. Once complete, we will know exactly what needs to be repaired, if anything. 

Reasons For Failed Inspections

Often times it could be as simple as a loose gas cap. The worst case issue would be due to major mechanical engine problems. Whereas a normal check engine light will remain lit for minor engine issues, a flashing icon will indicate major problems. Bring your vehicle in for an inspection at the first sign of your check engine light coming on to prevent extensive damage. There are many other possibilities for what could be causing a failed inspection. The best way to prevent inspection failure is to bring your vehicle in when you notice the check engine light appear.

Does My Vehicle Require An Emissions Inspection?

There are a number of different factors that may influence testing requirements. For a more comprehensive list, please visit

  • Location
  • Vehicle age
  • Vehicle weight and type
  • Is the vehicle registered in our out of state
  • Fuel type
  • Type of use (taxis and other public transportation)

Our shops can perform these tests in the same visit as an oil change or other repair. Call or click below to schedule a service.