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You need to ensure that your cabin air filter is functioning correctly, or it can cause larger mechanical issues, such as HVAC malfunctions, to appear. Adding a regular cabin air filter replacement to your maintenance schedule is one of the easier ways to care for your vehicle. 

Here are some signs that your cabin air filter needs replacement.

1 – Unusual or Foul Odors From the Vents

Musty, moldy, and unusual smells are all signs that your cabin air filter may need to be replaced. Leaving a dirty filter unchanged will cause all the air that enters and circulates through your passenger cabin to become contaminated. This unpleasant smell will only intensify when you try to increase the airflow from the AC system. 

2 – Lack of Airflow From the Vents

Aside from foul smells, this may be the most common sign of a faulty cabin air filter. A clogged and dirty filter will reduce air intake through your vehicle, leading to reduced airflow through your AC system vents. 

3 – Loud Fan Noises

Your vehicle’s AC system is expected to make some noise. However, if you begin to hear increased noises from the fan, this could mean that your filter is failing. Large debris and other particles make it difficult for air to pass through and be filtered appropriately, which can create a lot of noise as the air passes through. This noise will only become louder with time, and replacing the cabin air filter can help reduce the noise back to a normal level. 

4 – Problems with Your Heating and Cooling System

If you have a clogged cabin air filter, you may experience problems with your vehicle’s heating and cooling system. This clogging reduces airflow for your AC system and will reduce HVAC efficiency. Your vehicle’s heating and cooling capabilities will be reduced as a result, increasing stress on these systems.

Regular Car Maintenance Schedules with McCullough NAPA

McCullough NAPA Auto Care is dedicated to providing honest service to our neighbors in Sandy Springs, Georgia. We do that through our 30k, 60k, and 90k mile maintenance programs. These plans take preventative measures to protect your car, like changing your cabin air filter regularly, to help ward off more significant mechanical issues.  

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