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Your car battery gives your engine the power it needs to get going every day. But your car battery, like other components of your vehicle, will need to be serviced or replaced occasionally. Battery replacement is common in cars, with their lifespans typically ranging from 3-5 years. 

Here are 5 signs to look for when determining if you need to have your car battery replaced.

1 – Slow to Start or Not Starting At All

This one speaks for itself but is still a sign to look for. If you turn over your engine and nothing happens, your battery is most likely depleted of juice. Likewise, you may have a dying battery if your engine turns over but is slow to start. Modern vehicles require specific power amounts for things like the fuel pump, ignition system, ADAS features, and more. The alternator can recharge low-power batteries, but this won’t fix the problem. Eventually, the battery will weaken to a point where it won’t be able to power up your car. 

2 – Corrosion

Corrosion can occur anytime you place two different types of metals in contact with each other for a long enough time. Look for greenish-white crumbles on your battery where it connects to the two power cables. Don’t be alarmed if you see some corrosion, but keep in mind that allowing it to build up will negatively impact your battery’s lifespan. Cleaning corrosion off your car battery is simple. Remove the connections from each terminal, use a wire brush to clean away the corrosion, and reattach the connections when you’re done.

3 – Electrical Hiccups

Have you ever played with a children’s toy that has old batteries? You may have noticed that some sounds may be muffled, or movements may be slower than usual. We call these ‘electrical hiccups,’ and the same can happen to your vehicle’s electrical system if the battery is dying. The various tech features in modern cars are designed to receive different power inputs depending on their function. You may experience ‘hiccups’ in performance if these inputs are not reached. 

4 – Physical Damage

The first three signs had to do with performance, but remember that physical damage can also reduce the lifespan of your battery. Vibrations on rough roads may cause components inside the battery to come loose. This could potentially disrupt connections or even allow components to touch that should stay separated. Granted, you should be fine if you stick to traditional Atlanta city streets. Damage outside the case will also call for immediate replacement as the risk of leaking sulfuric acid increases. 

5 – Age of the Battery

The average lifespan of a car battery is 3 – 5 years. No, batteries do not have set expiration dates, but the signs that your battery is dying are pretty telling. Your battery should have a sticker with the purchase date on it. If you suspect your car battery is dying, look at when it was purchased. If it’s over three years old, there’s a good chance it needs to be replaced or at the least, recharged.

Get Your Replacement Battery with McCullough NAPA Auto Care

McCullough NAPA Auto Care stocks quality batteries for every vehicle. Our ASE-certified technicians will recommend the battery that best matches your driving style and can install it for you. You’ll also receive a complimentary multi-point inspection upon installation, where our technicians will inspect your car’s crucial components to ensure proper function. 

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