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The signs that you need to replace your brake pads are much more obvious than when you need brake rotor replacement. Here are some signs that you may need brake rotor replacement.

Brake Overheating

Long braking or ‘riding the brakes’ can quickly deform or warp a brake rotor. Resurfacing a warped brake rotor may solve the problem, but it could also cause it to warp again. In this case, brake rotor replacement may be the only option for a permanent fix. 

Brake Pulsation

Stepping on the brakes should not generate noise or vibrations, other than when the ABS engages. Feel for vibrations or pulses as you press the brake. Brake pulsation doesn’t automatically require brake rotor replacement, but it signifies something is wrong. If this is the case, bring your vehicle into our shop, and our ASE-certified technicians can diagnose the issue. 

Rotor Rust and Installation

Rust buildup on the wheel hub can keep the brake rotor from resting properly. This will mimic the behavior of a warped brake rotor. McCullough NAPA Auto Care can clean the rust from these areas and ensure a proper installation. 

Rotor Thickness

Just like brake pads, brake rotors also have a minimum thickness. Brake rotors that measure below the recommended thickness need to be replaced for everyone’s safety on the road. Our technicians can inspect your brake rotor thickness during your next visit.

Rotor Condition

Car parts wear out over time, and your brake rotors are no different. Deep ridges and excess rust may are typically signs that brake rotor replacement is needed.

Wheel Installation

Improper wheel installation can lead to deformed hubs or rotors, which can cause brake pulsation. Swing by our shop, and we will ensure that your lug nuts are tightened according to your manufacturer’s recommendation.

Brake Rotor Replacement with McCullough NAPA

The good news about brake rotor replacement is that it can easily be performed simultaneously with a brake pad replacement. We stock quality rotors and have experience mounting and installing brake rotors for different vehicle manufacturers. McCullough NAPA Auto Care is a family-owned business located in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

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