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Car parts that are more likely to break in the winter can cause quite the headache on chilly winter mornings. The temperature doesn’t get too cold often in Atlanta, but when it does, it’s essential to know what parts of your car could fail so that you are adequately prepared. 

Cold Weather Affects Battery Performance

The battery is the part of your car most affected by winter weather. Test the strength of your battery before the winter months and have a replacement battery installed if necessary. A powerful battery will ensure a required level of performance when the environment has other ideas. 

Tire Pressure Problems

Cold weather causes your tire pressure to drop. This is because air will contract when cooled and expand when hot. You may notice that your low tire pressure warning light appears on your dashboard one chilly winter morning. Driving with under-inflated tires is dangerous. Most gas stations offer air pumps where you can quickly gauge and fill your tire pressure. Check your tire pressure periodically during the winter months.

Thick Engine Oil and Fluids

Cold weather thickens the oil and fluids within your vehicle. The purpose of your engine’s oil is to provide lubrication to its moving parts. Thicker oil will not be able to lubricate your engine as efficiently as it could in warmer months. However, regular oil changes foster clean oil within your engine and allow for easier lubrication. Be sure also to check other fluid levels, such as windshield wiper fluid, power steering fluid, and brake fluid. 

Frozen Wiper Blades

We’ve seen temperatures dip down to freezing levels on occasion in Atlanta. When this happens, the rubber on your windshield wipers may get stuck to your windshield glass. Trying to operate your wipers when they’re frozen to your windshield could tear the wiper off and damage your windshield in the process. Check to see if your wipers are stuck on your glass before driving in the cold. Use a washcloth with a mixture of vinegar and water to wipe away ice and free your windshield wiper. 

Schedule Maintenance with McCullough NAPA Auto Care

Cold weather affects our vehicles. Car parts that are more likely to break in the winter can be frustrating, but regularly maintaining your vehicle can help prevent issues with these parts before problems occur. McCullough NAPA Auto Care offers a scheduled maintenance plan for drivers in Sandy Springs and the surrounding Metro Atlanta area. Please schedule your appointment online or call us to get started.