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Cold weather is tough on car batteries. It’s not uncommon for vehicles to have a hard time starting when temperatures drop. This is because colder weather drains car batteries and puts them under an increased stress level. Some studies say that car batteries can lose roughly 30% of their strength when temperatures drop below 32 degrees. If you’re not prepared, you may find yourself unable to start your car on a cold winter morning.

How Cold Weather Affects Car Batteries

Winter weather forces your car battery to work harder. There are several ways cold temperatures indirectly kill your car battery. In colder weather, the oil inside your engine will thicken. This makes the oil move more slowly, increasing the energy and power needed from your battery to get your engine working properly. The cold temperatures will also affect how your battery chemically reacts when you turn your car on. The result is more sluggish behavior that requires additional time and power to turn over. 

Your car’s technological features also affect how well your battery can operate in the cold. If your vehicle is equipped with features like TVs, seat warmers, device chargers, etc., the battery must work much harder to operate those electronics. This can overload the battery and cause it to fail, especially if your battery charge is already low due to the chilly weather.

Tips To Protect Your Car Battery From Cold Weather

Cold weather negatively affects a car battery. Here is a list of simple and inexpensive ways to protect your car battery from cold weather.

  • Keep Battery Clean
    • Scrub off any corrosion with a baking soda and water solution. 
  • Park In A Garage
    • Store your car in a garage when possible. Maintaining a warm battery can help combat the cold temperatures.
  • Keep Tire Pressure In Check
    • Cold weather can lead to low tire pressure. When tire pressure is low, your battery will need to work extra hard to compensate for the decreased fuel efficiency and performance. 
  • Maintain A Regular Oil Change Schedule
    • Oil changes are essential, especially during colder months. Cold weather thickens engine oil and makes your vehicle work harder to operate. Clean oil can help maintain engine performance, even in colder temperatures.

McCullough NAPA Auto Car Battery Services

McCullough NAPA Auto Care is ready to help with your battery needs. Whether you need corrosion cleaning, car battery replacement, or an oil change, trust the auto shop that’s been in business serving drivers in Sandy Springs, Georgia, and the surrounding Metro Atlanta area since 1969. Please make your appointment online or call us to get started!