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It can be tempting to ignore your manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedule, but doing so could be costly to your vehicle’s performance and your wallet. Your manufacturer-suggested maintenance schedule was made by the people who made your car and is a complete list of maintenance items that should be performed and when. Following this recommended service schedule will help ensure that your vehicle stays running at peak performance longer. 

What Can Happen If You Don’t Service Your Vehicle?

McCullough NAPA Auto Care views scheduled maintenance as preventative maintenance. If you don’t schedule time for maintenance, you could find that you’ll need extensive repairs down the road due to compounding problems. Keeping a regular service schedule is a simple way to help avoid the negative effects of not servicing your car. 

1 – Higher Repair Costs

In our experience, we’ve found that car owners who follow their manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedules often save more money over the duration that they own their vehicle. This is because those regular service check-ups help prevent expensive repairs. Avoiding minor maintenance, like oil changes, filter changes, and tire rotations, may cause those systems to malfunction. There’s a reason those minor repairs are needed, and avoiding them can result in needing more expensive repair.

2 – Decreased Vehicle Lifespan

A vehicle that doesn’t get the service it needs will run for a shorter period of time than a vehicle that receives regular maintenance. That’s just the facts. Manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedules are created to help you get the most from your car purchase.

3 – Poor Fuel Economy

Not only can ignoring your manufacturer’s suggested service schedule result in expensive repairs, but you may also find that your fuel economy starts to drop. Having your engine serviced as needed allows it to work at maximum performance. If your engine has old, dirty oil or worn spark plugs, it won’t perform as efficiently as an engine that receives regular maintenance. Something as simple as changing your oil will go a long way in extending the life of your engine, which will also help you get the most mileage out of every gallon.

4 – Lower Resale Value

Cars that perform well will fetch more money when sold compared to cars that need many repairs upfront. Even if you don’t intend to sell your car anytime soon, following your manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedule is wise, as you’ll likely save money by avoiding major repairs. 

5 – Vehicles With Mechanical Issues Are Unsafe

Money-saving benefits aside, avoiding your manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedule risks your safety and the safety of other drivers on the road. Balding tires are more prone to blow out and hydroplane. Worn-down brake pads aren’t as effective at stopping your vehicle as new brake pads. Even something as simple as forgetting to change your windshield wipers can be dangerous to your safety. 

30K / 60K / 90K Mile Maintenance Plans

McCullough NAPA offers 30k, 60k, and 90k mile maintenance plans to perform the services recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Having your car inspected and serviced as needed allows our team to stay on top of repairs. With scheduled maintenance, our ASE-Certified technicians can spot and fix issues before they become more extensive and expensive. Contact McCullough NAPA Auto Care today to start your 30/60/90K vehicle maintenance program!