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Cabin air filters are responsible for keeping the air in your vehicle fresh and crisp. They filter the air that travels through your air vents and circulates in your passenger cabin. Most cars made after the year 2000 have cabin air filters, and replacing them depends on several factors. A quick rule of thumb is to replace your cabin air filter at least once a year, but this article will outline the more specific factors toward the end.

The Purpose of the Passenger Cabin Air Filter

Cabin air filters help keep the air inside your vehicle free of pollen, dust, mold, and other small particles that can be harmful or unpleasant to ingest. Environmental contaminants can get through and cause discomfort when your cabin air filter is dirty. In addition, a dirty cabin air filter can impact the efficiency of your car’s heating and cooling system.

When Should You Replace A Cabin Air Filter?

As with any air filter, getting dirty is part of the job. Your cabin air filter will eventually fill up with dust, soot, pollen, and other particles and must be replaced regularly. But there’s no one-size-fits-all cabin air filter schedule. We recommend checking your owner’s manual to be sure, but most cabin air filter replacements range between every 10,000-20,000 miles. 

Here are the factors that determine how often you should replace your cabin air filter

  • How often you drive – The filter will pick up more dirt if you drive a lot. If you drive a little, the filter will pick up less dirt. 
  • The environment you drive – Do you hit the countryside often or mostly stay on Atlanta’s city streets? Perhaps you drive through areas with heavy construction. Some areas are naturally dustier and can clog your cabin air filter faster.
  • Filter Material and Duration – The type of cabin air filter you choose can also affect how often you need to replace it. Electrostatic filters can last for 5+ years, while mechanical filters will need to be replaced more frequently. 
  • The time of year – Springtime increases the pollen in the air, which can clog filters faster than in the winter. Replacing your cabin air filter regularly will be especially important if you have allergies. 

Cabin Air Filter Replacement with McCullough NAPA

Cabin air filters are critical because they help protect you and your passengers from harmful airborne particles. It’s easy to forget that the cabin air filter in your car exists, but you’ll quickly remember that it does when it becomes dirty and smells! An easy way to stay on top of clean air inside your car is to replace your cabin air filter with every other oil change.

Ask our technicians to take out your filter and show it to you during your next visit to our shop. We’ll let you know if it has some life left or needs to be replaced. If it does, we can install your new cabin air filter for you! Give us a call or contact us online to schedule your appointment.