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If your brakes make noise when you press the pedal, they are trying to tell you something. Some sounds can indicate that your brake pads are worn out, and others can hint that damage has been dealt over time. It’s best not to ignore brake noise if you hear it. Bring your vehicle into our shop instead to have our technicians diagnose the sound and offer our recommendation for what repairs are needed.

Here are 3 brake noises you should never ignore.

1 – Squealing Brakes

Any squealing from your brakes can usually be traced back to your brake pads being worn down. Brake pads come equipped with a set of metal tabs that are attached to them. These tabs become exposed over time as the brake pad material wears down to the point they need to be replaced. These tabs will rub against the steel of your brake rotor to produce the squealing sound you may be hearing. Stopping power decreases when brake pads are worn down to the point where your brakes are squealing, so it’s essential to replace your brake pads if this is the case. 

2 – Dragging Brakes

Does it sound like something is dragging under your vehicle when you hit the brakes? This is typically due to a damaged brake caliper or brake drum. A damaged brake caliper or drum will negatively impact your braking system and can lead to the brake pad or shoe maintaining contact with the rest of the braking system while you drive. This will wear down the components faster than usual, decrease performance, and negatively impact fuel economy. 

3 – Thumping Brakes

If your car ‘thumps’ while braking, your front two wheels may be to blame. This sound can indicate that your brake rotors have become warped. You may also experience a slight vibration through the steering wheel as you brake. Our technicians will be able to determine whether or not a warped rotor is the cause of your thumping brakes. 

Schedule Brake Repair Service with McCullough NAPA

Brake noise is not the only indicator that your car may have mechanical issues. If your vehicle pulls to the left or right while braking, you may have an alignment issue. Any shaking that occurs can also be from a warped rotor. These issues should always be addressed since the braking system is one of the critical safety components in a car. 

The McCullough NAPA Auto Care technicians are all ASE-Certified and can help diagnose the sounds your vehicle makes while braking. We will recommend repairs as needed and work to get you back on the road as soon as possible. 

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