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Variable Valve Timing Solenoid Repair & Replacement

What does a Variable Valve Timing (VVT) system do anyway?  It is responsible for reducing engine emissions and maximizing performance and fuel economy.  By utilizing oil pressurized solenoids, the variable valve timing system changes the timing of when the valve will lift throughout the engine’s RPM range.  

How can you prevent variable valve timing system malfunction?  Well, every vehicle’s system is different, but oil and filter changes is a good place to start.  Oil is needed to help lubricate the system, so you’ll want clean, high-quality oil of the manufacturer’s recommended type running through your vehicle.  Material or electrical malfunctions from regular usage can also contribute towards variable valve timing (VVT) system failure.

If your “check engine light’ is illuminated on your dashboard, the variable valve timing system may be faulty.  A poor performing variable valve timing system will result in a poor performing engine, increased engine noise and reduced power output.