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When To Replace Your Suspension System. 3 Signs of Failing Struts

3 signs its time to replace your struts suspension system

Your suspension system helps keep your car’s wheels planted firmly on the road, even while turning at high speeds. Shocks and struts help stabilize your car’s movements and provide control when you turn, accelerate or ride on uneven surfaces. Shocks and struts can help your car’s handling, but they work differently. Shocks are individual components […]

Is Your Wheel Alignment Off? Here’s 3 Signs

Signs your wheel alignment is off

Proper wheel alignment can help improve handling, fuel efficiency, and tire performance. However, misaligned tires can negatively impact various areas of your car, like the steering system, braking system, suspension, and tires. Your car’s wheels may become misaligned from driving on rough roads, potholes, or worn-out components, like shocks or struts. The good news is […]

Avoid Expensive Suspension Auto Repair

Underside Car Suspension System

Today we’re talking about suspension integrity. Your skeletal structure provides the framework to hold up your body weight. Your joints cushion you as you walk and allow you to change direction. Your auto suspension system is similar: It bears the weight of your vehicle, controls the vehicle as you steer and absorbs bumps in the road. […]