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How Does A Radiator Cool An Engine?

Radiators are a very important because they help cool your engine. By the same token, your engine relies heavily on your radiator to function. One without the other won’t work. Waiting to repair a broken radiator will only cause more damage down the road.

A car’s engine creates a lot of heat. In order to prevent overheating, certain steps take place. Firstly, coolant is pumped through the engine and absorbs heat. Since the coolant is now hot, it needs a way to cool off and escape to outside air. This is where your radiator comes in. The hot coolant flows through the radiator where cold air is blown onto it. This reduces the coolant temperature significantly.

This coolant is then passed through thin metal fins that lead to outside your car. Finally, these fins allow the heat to flow from your car more easily. Additionally, some cars may have a fan across the radiator to further blow hot air out of your car.

If your engine is experiencing other problems, make an appointment with our garage. Our certified technicians will run a diagnostic to pinpoint the issue and solve it with ease.o

Radiator Repair

Why Is Radiator Repair Important?

Sooner or later your entire engine will fail if your radiator isn’t working properly. Have you ever seen a car pulled over on the side of the road, smoke billowing from under the hood? That’s a sign of a malfunctioning radiator. Heat was likely trapped under the hood of the car with no where to go. Heat adds unnecessary stress to the engine, which ultimately causes unnecessary damage. In summary, a radiator is important because it maintains a car’s functionality. By the time the driver in the example above realized his radiator needed repair, it was too late.

The radiator is an essential component of a functioning vehicle. Putting off radiator repair will only hurt your vehicle and your wallet as time goes on. Physical damage is the most common cause of radiator malfunction. Replacing the broken component or components is the only way to repair a physically broken radiator. Expired or lack of coolant can also damage a radiator.