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Why Your Car May Make A Loud Noise While Accelerating

why is my car making a loud noise while i accelerate

Does your car make a loud noise while accelerating? Acceleration should be smooth and steady. If your car does make a loud noise when you hit the gas, then there’s probably an internal issue that needs to be fixed.  Exhaust System Issues Outside of hot rods and sports cars, most vehicles should not make that … Read more

What Do Your Filters Do & When Should You Change Them?

Filters in your car

Every modern car has four primary filters: the cabin air filter, engine air filter, fuel filter, and oil filter. Proper filter maintenance is essential for keeping your car in working order. We’ve outlined what each filter does and how often you should change them below.  Cabin Air Filter The cabin air filter keeps the air … Read more

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Manufacturer Suggested Maintenance Schedule

importance of a manufacturer suggested maintenance schedule

It can be tempting to ignore your manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedule, but doing so could be costly to your vehicle’s performance and your wallet. Your manufacturer-suggested maintenance schedule was made by the people who made your car and is a complete list of maintenance items that should be performed and when. Following this recommended service … Read more

6 Oil Change Questions & Answers

Oil change questions and answers

A regular oil change is one of the most important preventative maintenance tasks for your vehicle. Doing so will keep your engine oil fresh, clean, and able to perform the key lubricating functions that your engine desperately needs. We’ve put together 6 of the most common oil change questions we’ve received and answered them all … Read more

When To Replace Your Suspension System. 3 Signs of Failing Struts

3 signs its time to replace your struts suspension system

Your suspension system helps keep your car’s wheels planted firmly on the road, even while turning at high speeds. Shocks and struts help stabilize your car’s movements and provide control when you turn, accelerate or ride on uneven surfaces. Shocks and struts can help your car’s handling, but they work differently. Shocks are individual components … Read more

Is Your Wheel Alignment Off? Here’s 3 Signs

Signs your wheel alignment is off

Proper wheel alignment can help improve handling, fuel efficiency, and tire performance. However, misaligned tires can negatively impact various areas of your car, like the steering system, braking system, suspension, and tires. Your car’s wheels may become misaligned from driving on rough roads, potholes, or worn-out components, like shocks or struts. The good news is … Read more

7 Tips For National Fall Car Care Month

October is National Fall Car Care Month

October is National Fall Car Care Month. You may not be going on as many road trips as you did in the summer, but we’ve compiled 7 tips to keep your car running smoothly into the colder months. Taking advantage of this crisp weather and performing the following maintenance tasks will help your car’s performance … Read more