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Does your car make a loud noise while accelerating? Acceleration should be smooth and steady. If your car does make a loud noise when you hit the gas, then there’s probably an internal issue that needs to be fixed. 

Exhaust System Issues

Outside of hot rods and sports cars, most vehicles should not make that much noise while accelerating. Some noise is expected, but if your sedan, hatchback, or truck is making noticeably loud noises when you accelerate, we recommend that you bring your car in for an inspection with our ASE-Certified technicians. The first thing we will look at is your exhaust system, including the pipes and muffler. 

A rattling sound can indicate that something is loose, like a bracket or bolt. Rattling may also indicate a leak in either the muffler or one of the exhaust pipes underneath your vehicle. Our technicians can determine if this is the reason for your loud acceleration and make any necessary repairs. 

Engine Issues

The engine is a complex system of moving parts. Worn valves can make a distinguishable clicking noise as you accelerate. Likewise, bearings can make a ticking noise as they wear out. Lastly, failing pistons can make a deep knocking noise as you accelerate. You’ll hear this deep knocking sound if your pistons need replacing all the time, just more so as you accelerate. 

Serpentine Belt Issues

Loose serpentine belts may cause the loud noise you hear while accelerating. Listen for squeaking or whining as you turn your car on and as you accelerate. These sounds can mean that your belts have worn out or that one might be slipping due to a loose tensioner. If you hear clicking or rattling under the hood, there may be an issue with one of the pulleys that the serpentine belt travels over.

McCullough NAPA Auto Care Will Diagnose Your Car’s Sounds

There are many reasons your car may make a loud noise while accelerating. As soon as you notice that your vehicle gets louder as you hit the gas, schedule an appointment with us for a diagnostic assessment. It’s best to have these issues addressed and repaired rather than driving through the noise. Allowing minor repairs to go without being fixed can create more significant issues down the road.