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Windshield damage is more than an eyesore. Damage to your windshield is dangerous to you and everyone else on the road. You may wonder if your vehicle needs windshield repair or windshield replacement. This article will outline the different types of windshield damage and explain how to determine whether you need windshield repair or replacement.

Windshield With Chip Damage

You’re driving down the highway, and the truck in front of you kicks up a rock that loudly hits your windshield, chipping it. It’s alarming at first, but then you realize what happened and where the chip damage is located on your windshield. While things could have been worse, chips can grow into larger problems if left unrepaired. 

When To Repair and When To Replace Chipped Windshield Glass

It’s important to have your windshield repaired soon after the accident. Determining whether we can repair or replace your windshield will depend on the size of the chip. In most cases, we can repair a chipped windshield if the damage is smaller than the circumference of a quarter. To repair chip damage, our technicians will fill the chip in with clear epoxy and let it dry. This will stop the damage from spreading. If the chip damage is larger than the circumference of a quarter, you’ll likely need to replace your windshield. 

We also take into consideration the location of the chip damage. If the damage is located directly within the driver’s line of sight, we may opt to replace the windshield, no matter the size of the damage. This is because the repair process leaves behind a minor distortion in the glass and could impair the driver’s vision.

Windshield With Cracks and Scratches

Sometimes the damage to your windshield is more extensive. A car with a cracked windshield can be more difficult to drive, have an increased safety risk, and may also be illegal to operate. Cracks in the windshield are also more likely to spread if they are located near the perimeter.  

When To Repair and When To Replace Cracked Windshield Glass

In most cases, we can repair a cracked windshield if the crack is shorter than 3 inches. If the crack is larger than 3 inches, we may need to replace the entire windshield

Reasons Not To Wait To Fix A Damaged Windshield

1 – Safety

A crack or chip will negatively impact the structural integrity of your windshield. The purpose of the windshield is to protect the driver from normal debris and also during a collision. If your windshield is compromised from existing damage, it may be more likely to shatter upon impact.

2 – Waiting May Make The Damage Worse

Vibrations from everyday driving can cause cracks and chips on your windshield to spread. We can quickly repair small blemishes. However, if the damage grows, we may need to replace the entire windshield. 

3 – Your Insurance May Cover It

Check your insurance policy to see if it will cover the cost of your windshield repair or replacement.

Schedule Windshield Repair or Windshield Replacement with McCullough NAPA

When you notice damage to your windshield, contact us to schedule your appointment. If your vehicle is equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) features, like lane keep assist or blind spot monitoring, you’ll also want to recalibrate your ADAS if a replacement windshield is installed.