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You don’t need to be a trained mechanic to know when something is wrong with your car. Sometimes, all you need to do is listen to what your car is telling you. Whether it’s a clunk, a grind, or a ping, pay attention when your vehicle makes noises out of the ordinary. It might be trying to tell you something.

Why Is My Car Making A Clunking Noise?

A clunking noise can indicate that something is worn out or loose in your vehicle’s suspension system or drive train. If your car makes a clunking noise accompanied by a metal noise when going over bumps, that usually is a sign of a suspension issue. If your car makes a clunking sound when you press the gas pedal or shift gears, you’re likely looking at a drive train issue.

Why Is My Car Making A Grinding Noise?

Grinding noises are most often associated with worn-out components, like brake pads. This is usually the case if your car makes grinding noises while braking. You may experience a grinding sound from one specific wheel, which can indicate that a wheel bearing needs replacement. These are two repairs you don’t want to put off, as doing so is dangerous for everyone on the road.

Why Is My Car Making A Rubbing Noise

A rubbing noise usually tells us that some part of your vehicle is rubbing against another part when it shouldn’t be. This could be a loose trim rubbing on a tire or a tire touching the inside wheel well during a turn. Two rubbing parts can lead to at least one of them failing over time, so don’t ignore rubbing sounds!

Why Is My Car Making A Pinging Noise?

When accelerating, especially uphill, does your engine make a ‘ping’ sound? If this is the case, you may not be using the correct type of gasoline. Each vehicle requires a certain octane level, and the incorrect gasoline type can damage your spark plugs and engine. Some high-performance and luxury engines need high-octane fuel. Double-check with your manufacturer’s guide the correct octane level your vehicle needs if you hear a pinging sound when accelerating.

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Modern vehicles are highly-advanced machines that are designed to work precisely in tune. Often, it’s as easy as an unusual noise or clunking sound to alert us that there is an internal issue. If you hear your car making clunking, grinding, rubbing, pinging, or any other strange sound, schedule your service with McCullough NAPA Auto Care before the damage has time to worsen.