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Automatic transmission repair or replacement can be a costly expense. The good news? Proper care, namely a transmission flush, can help avoid transmission failure and extend the life of your transmission. This article will explain what a transmission flush is and why they are a necessary service.

The Purpose of Transmission Fluid

Simply put, a transmission flush replaces old, dirty transmission fluid from your vehicle with new, clean fluid (similar to an oil change). Transmission fluid is a lubricant essential to keeping your transmission working as designed. Transmission fluid is required for both manual and automatic transmissions, with automatic transmission fluid also serving as the coolant to ensure power is moved from the engine to the transmission. 

As with any substance, transmission fluid will become contaminated with use. Since transmission fluid lubricates internal parts, ignoring a transmission flush or fluid replacement can lead to transmission failure. 

How Often Should You Get A Transmission Flush or Fluid Change?

Every transmission is different, but a good rule of thumb is to have your transmission fluid flushed every 30,000 – 50,000 miles. Your vehicle owner’s manual will list the mileage marks where you should flush your transmission fluid and the fluid type you should use when doing so. The conditions you drive in will also play into how often you should get your transmission fluid flushed. “Severe conditions,” like heavy stop-and-go driving, extreme heat, and trailer towing, will all stress your transmission. Driving in severe conditions will likely require you to change your transmission fluid sooner and more often. 

As mentioned above, automatic transmission fluid acts as lubricant and coolant for the transmission’s internal parts. The transmission fluid will lose its cooling and lubricating properties as it does. Since automatic transmission fluid works double duty, it’s imperative to flush it regularly so it can do its job. McCullough NAPA Auto Care offers transmission fluid flushes and full transmission replacements. Schedule your inspection and allow our ASE-Certified technicians to make the necessary repairs and extend the life of your vehicle!