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What Do The Lights On Your Dashboard Mean?

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Are you curious about the various lights glowing on your dashboard? When any of these dashboard lights grab your attention, don’t hesitate to seek help from McCullough NAPA Auto Care. We can diagnose your vehicle’s issue and make the necessary repairs to keep your car moving.

Types of Dashboard Lights and What They Mean

Oil Pressure Alert

This light flickers when the engine’s oil pressure dips below the standard level. Consider adding more oil to resolve the issue. However, this light may also hint at more severe problems, necessitating a visit to our service center for a comprehensive oil system evaluation.

Battery Charge Alert

If this light activates, it implies a depleted battery or an alternator malfunction. To conserve energy while away from home, switch off non-essential electronics and reach a secure area. We can perform battery strength tests and replacements at our service center in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

Airbag Indicator

An illuminated airbag indicator suggests potential airbag malfunctions, warranting immediate professional assessment. Airbag issues are critical, as defective airbags can inflict severe harm during accidents.

Engine Temperature Alert

An active engine temperature light signifies an overheated engine. In such cases, you can pull over safely and allow the engine to cool. Overheating can stem from various problems, so you’ll want to bring your vehicle in for an inspection ASAP to rectify the issue.

Brake Warning

This light illuminates when engaging the handbrake but may also signal broader brake system issues. If it lights up while driving, safely stop and seek professional help. Properly working brakes are essential to your safety and the safety of others on the road.

ABS Warning

A lit ABS light indicates issues with the Anti-Lock Braking System, possibly involving malfunctioning speed sensors, impaired emergency brakes, or loss of hydraulic pressure. Address this immediately as braking is an essential safety feature.

Check Engine Alert

When the check engine light is on, seek immediate professional engine evaluation, as pinpointing the exact issue can be challenging without expert assistance.

Tire Pressure Warning

If this illuminator is active, one tire may be under-inflated. Inspect all tires and check for punctures. Refill as necessary after a brief rest period.

Traction Control Warning

Should this light remain steady instead of blinking, your vehicle’s traction system may be compromised. Exercise caution while driving and have your vehicle serviced soon after you notice this dashboard light turn on.

Schedule Vehicle Diagnostic With McCullough NAPA

Not sure what a certain dashboard light means? Bring your vehicle into McCullough NAPA Auto Care and allow our ASE-certified technicians to diagnose your issue. Being vigilant about these warning signals helps prevent minor glitches from escalating into significant, expensive repairs.

FAQ About Dashboard Warning Lights

Dashboard lights are indicators that signal various vehicle statuses. Each light has a distinct meaning, ranging from low fuel warnings to serious malfunction alerts. It’s crucial to understand these to maintain your car’s health.

Dash symbols include the Check Engine Light, Oil Pressure Warning, Battery Charge Alert, Airbag Indicator, Engine Temperature Warning, Brake Warning, ABS Warning, Tire Pressure Alert, and Traction Control Warning, among others.

Fixing a dashboard light involves identifying the problem first. For minor issues like a loose gas cap, you can resolve it yourself. For others, especially those related to the engine or brakes, professional help is strongly recommended.

The most serious warning lights are those related to the brake system, airbags, and engine. These lights indicate critical issues that require immediate attention to prevent potential harm to the vehicle’s occupants or significant damage to the car itself.

There are approximately 15 to 20 common dashboard symbols, but the exact number can vary depending on the vehicle’s make and model. Always refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual for a complete list and explanation of all symbols.