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The engine air filter in your car keeps dirt and debris from entering your engine. Much like you, your engine needs clean air to function. A clogged air filter can cause your engine to work harder than it needs to. Let’s take a further look at what a clogged air filter can do to your engine.

Decreased Performance

Your engine needs to breathe with every revolution. A clogged air filter will slow the flow of air in and out of your engine. This will only get worse as your filter collects more debris. An engine with airflow reduced by a clogged air filter may experience a decrease in torque and power.

Choked or Damaged Engine

The intake/outtake of an engine is very similar to how you breathe. The engine cylinder inhales air with every intake stroke and exhales nitrogen, water vapor, and carbon dioxide with every exhale stroke. The engine air filter prevents any particles or debris from entering the engine. Your engine breathes in a large amount of air, so it is normal for your engine air filter to become clogged with debris. Over time, a dirty or clogged air filter could choke your engine and even damage it.

The Filter Could Collapse

The worst thing that a clogged engine air filter could do is collapse. When this happens, the air filter will pull away from where it is sealed or even disintegrate. This can be disastrous for your engine, as an unsealed air filter will do nothing to prevent particles from entering your engine. Allowing airborne particles to enter your engine unrestricted can increase wear and tear, leading to poor compression, oil leaks, oil burning, cylinder misfire, and fuel problems. 

Schedule Engine Air Filter Replacement with McCullough NAPA

A clogged engine air filter must be replaced before it damages your engine. If you are experiencing performance problems, bring your vehicle in for an inspection. The fix may be as simple as replacing your engine air filter

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