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A wheel alignment service will help ensure that your tires perform their best. Wheel alignments allow tires to wear evenly and will fix common issues like your car pulling to the side or vibrating while driving. Proper alignment of your wheels is crucial for overall vehicle performance and longevity. 

You may be wondering whether you need a two-wheel alignment or a four-wheel alignment or what the difference between the two even is.  We’ve put this guide together to help you determine which type of wheel alignment you need. 

What is a Wheel Alignment Anyway?

Wheel alignment, also referred to as tire alignment, doesn’t involve manipulating your vehicle’s wheels or tires but rather the suspension and steering system. The suspension connects your wheels to your car, and the angles of your suspension system impact the alignment of how your tires contact the road. A wheel alignment will ensure that your wheels are centered and that the proper suspension angles are in place.

What is a Two-Wheel Alignment?

A two-wheel alignment is commonly referred to as a front-end alignment and involves adjusting only your vehicle’s front suspension and steering system. Our technicians will adjust the front toe, camber, and caster to achieve the proper suspension angle. A two-wheel alignment can also refer to a back-end alignment, but they are not as common.

What is a Four-Wheel Alignment?

A four-wheel alignment includes both a front-end alignment and a back-end alignment. The toes, cambers, and casters will be adjusted at the front and back of your suspension system with a four-wheel alignment.

What Type of Alignment Does Your Vehicle Need?

The type of wheel alignment you need depends on factors like your suspension and steering system, manufacturer recommendations, and whether any other conditions, such as an accident, have impacted your suspension system. 

Do You Need A Two-Wheel Alignment?

Two-wheel alignments are not as common as four-wheel alignments, but there are some exceptions. Vehicles with a solid, fixed rear axle will require a two-wheel alignment. This often includes SUVs, classic cars, and large diesel trucks. 

Do You Need A Four-Wheel Alignment?

Most modern vehicles require a four-wheel alignment. This includes many of the sedans, crossovers, vans, small SUVs, and light-duty trucks you see on the road today. If your vehicle is an all-wheel-drive model, you will always need a four-wheel alignment.

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Still trying to determine whether your vehicle needs a two-wheel alignment or a four-wheel alignment? Don’t worry! McCullough NAPA Auto Care has you covered. Our ASE-Certified Technicians can figure out what type of wheel alignment your vehicle needs and can perform the service quickly. 

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