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Keeping your parked car cool in the summer heat can make daily driving more enjoyable. Whether parked in your driveway or waiting for you in the work parking lot, driving in a hot car can be downright unbearable. A working air conditioning system is a must, but there are other ways to keep your parked car cool in the heat.

Park In The Shade 

Try to park in an area that gets shade, even if only for a few hours. Keeping your car out of the sun can reduce the temperature in your car by 10+ degrees. If you have the option, parking in a garage or under an awning will always reduce the internal temperature.

Use a Sunshade

Sunshades are typically used inside the front windshield, but you can also get them for your rear and side windows. They break down quickly and are designed to block the sun’s rays and reduce the temperature inside your car. Consider using a sunshade whenever you plan to leave your car parked in the sun for more than a few minutes.

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Put Blankets Over Your Dashboard, Seats, and Steering Wheel

If you have dark interior or leather seats, you know how quickly those areas can heat up. Covering them with a blanket and a sunshade will reduce their exposure to heat and help lower the internal car temperature. Covering the steering wheel is especially important, so it’s not too hot to hold while driving.

Solar Powered Fans

These fans are powered by the sun and help expel hot air from your car. Solar-powered fans can lower your car’s overall temperature by creating air circulation while you’re away. 

Should You Crack Your Windows?

Cracking your windows a little bit could work great if you also have a solar-powered fan. Just be sure you don’t roll them down too much so that someone can get inside your car. Cracking your windows by a small amount will allow the interior to breathe and promote air circulation.

When you get inside your car, it’s a good idea to roll your windows down and turn on the air conditioning. If your car has been parked for a while, the air inside your car is likely hotter than the air outside. Doing this will equalize the temperature so that your air conditioning system doesn’t need to work so hard from the start. After a few minutes, roll your windows back up and keep your ac running.

Keep Precious Items Out Of The Heat

Direct sun and extreme heat can cause wear on items, including food, electronics, clothes, fabrics, CDs, and more. Consider moving these items to your trunk.

Air Conditioning System Refrigerant Refresh

None of these tips are worth their weight if you don’t have a working air conditioning system. Sometimes, an AC system only needs more refrigerant to start blowing cool air again. If your car blows air that’s not cold, or doesn’t blow air at all, McCullough NAPA Auto Care can diagnose the issue and provide you with an honest assessment of what steps should occur next.