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Most of us take preventive action with important elements of our everyday life. Whether it’s brushing our teeth or mowing our lawn, we know that leaving these areas unattended will cost us time and money in the future. However US Auto owners don’t apply the same thinking in many cases to their car.

Several sources estimate that there is over 60 billion dollars of unperformed or underperformed maintenance involving US vehicles. That’s a lot of “looking the other way” when it comes to such an important part of our lives.

This unperformed maintenance will come back to us in higher repair bills and even more importantly, lost time…something that we can never get back. There’s also a safety aspect to ignoring maintenance with our vehicles that is always most evident when problems arise.

A little routine maintenance provided by your local NAPA AutoCare Center will prevent higher repair bills and will keep us and our loved ones safe from sudden breakdowns.

So how do US vehicle owners get into the habit of preventive maintenance? It’s so easy to forget, not like cutting the grass which you see it every time you pull in the driveway.

Here’s something that will help: The key to proper vehicle maintenance starts with the oil change. Think about it – when you go in for a full-service oil change, your knowledgeable NAPA AutoCare technician will check all your fluids. If one of them is low, he can look to see if there’s a reason why. If your serpentine belt is worn, he’ll see it and let you know. Corroded battery cable – they’ve got you covered. And they’ll check to see if your manufacturer has recommended any vital services at your current mileage.

The oil change becomes kind of a focal point, a way to check in to see what needs to be done.

Your local NAPA AutoCare will perform an inspection on your vehicle and only recommend services that are needed. The fact is that vehicle inspection surveys consistently reveal that over 80% of vehicles have one or more unperformed repair or maintenance service. The inspection process can identify these needed services.

Your NAPA AutoCare Center also has access to the maintenance recommendations from the original manufacturer of your vehicle. These recommendations are specific to your exact vehicle year, make, and model. So make sure you ask your NAPA AutoCare what’s coming due according to the current mileage of your vehicle. In some cases, certain mileage, milestones can carry substantial costs (like timing belt and gasket replacement). You will want to budget for these known expenses.

In addition to full-service oil changes, vehicle inspection, and maintenance service, your local NAPA AutoCare Center has the diagnostic tooling to find those problems that are not related to routine maintenance….but that’s for another article.