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Keeping your engine running smoothly and at the proper temperature is possible with regular maintenance. The most common causes of engine overheating are preventable and are not usually due to ignoring warning signs. McCullough NAPA Auto Care offers preventative maintenance plans to help keep your engine from overheating.

Here are three common causes of engine heating issues and how to avoid them.

1 – Low Coolant Levels

Coolant is responsible for keeping your engine cool. The simplest and most common reason an engine may overheat could be a lack of coolant in the motor. Coolant leaks can result from a failing head gasket, faulty radiator, or even just a hole in a hose. Low coolant is not something you can ignore, and doing so can cause severe damage to your engine. Keep an eye on coolant levels as you drive. If you suspect a leak, bring your vehicle in for an inspection.

2 – Worn Out or ‘Dirty’ Coolant

Like a low coolant level, dirty or worn-out coolant is no good for your engine either. The coolant that keeps your engine cool will wear out over time and must be replaced occasionally. Going too long between coolant flushes could result in sludge forming inside your coolant passages, restricting airflow and decreasing engine performance. We can perform coolant flushes and refills with new coolant to reduce sludge buildup and keep things fresh within your engine.

3 – Faulty Cooling Fan 

A failing cooling fan can also cause your engine to overheat. The cooling fan draws air over your radiator to keep temperatures low under the hood. This is especially important when stopped at a red light or in traffic, as there’s little natural air flow to help the radiator stay cool. To determine if your cooling fan is faulty, look at the engine temperature gauge on your dashboard. If you notice that your engine overheats when stationary, but the needle drops when you start moving, that’s a sign that your cooling fan may no longer be working efficiently. 

Engine Cooling System Service with McCullough NAPA

It’s hot most days of the year in Atlanta, so it is essential to ensure your engine is equipped to battle the heat. You can do this with our 30k, 60k, or 90k mile maintenance programs. Most severe car breakdowns can be avoided with regularly scheduled maintenance. Keeping your car on a maintenance schedule allows our ASE-certified technicians to notice issues and make quick repairs before they can disrupt more significant components. Preventative maintenance can also save you money on more extensive repairs.

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