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Easy ways to kid proof your car

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Before you had kids, your car was probably in decent condition. The seats weren’t as sticky, and the floorboards weren’t covered in cereal – but now, even with the extra mess, you wouldn’t have it any other way. McCullough Napa Auto Care is here to help families kid-proof their cars to make day-to-day driving, or even road trips, less stressful and more enjoyable.

Easy Ways To Kid-Proof Your Car and Protect Its Interior

Kid-proofing a car is essential to ensure the safety and well-being of your little ones and maintain the cleanliness and functionality of your vehicle. Here are some easy ways to kid-proof a car:

1. Backseat Organizer

A backseat organizer is a parent’s best friend during long drives. Designed to hang on the back of the front seats, they conveniently hold toys, snacks, and other essentials to ensure everything remains within your child’s reach while keeping the car tidy.

2. Car Seat Protectors

 Spills, crumbs, and shoes can quickly wear out your car’s upholstery. Car seat protectors, placed beneath child seats, safeguard against daily messes and shield the seat fabric from the rough base of car seats, preserving your car’s interior for years to come.

3. Window Shades

The sun’s piercing rays can be a significant discomfort for kids seated in the back. Window shades are an excellent solution as they protect little ones from direct sunlight, help maintain a cooler environment inside the car, and add a layer of privacy, ensuring a comfortable ride every time.

4. Seat Belt Adjusters

The vehicle’s regular seat belt can be uncomfortable and ill-fitting for kids transitioning out of car seats. Seat belt adjusters correct this, ensuring the belt sits snugly and safely across a child’s lap and shoulder, optimizing safety and comfort.

5. Waterproof Floor Mats

 Kids and mess go hand in hand. Waterproof floor mats are a barrier against spills, crumbs, and mud, simplifying cleanup. They’re especially useful during rainy days or after a day at the beach, keeping the car’s original flooring pristine.

6. Trash Can or Bag

Children create impressive car litter, including discarded wrappers, tissues, drawings, etc. By keeping a dedicated trash can or bag in the car, you can ensure that all the waste has its place, making it easier to keep the car clean and organized.

7. Car Seat Gap Filler

It’s a known black hole for parents – the gap between seats where toys, snacks, and crayons disappear. A car seat gap filler is the hero we all need, preventing items from falling into this abyss and ensuring that everything stays within reach and your car remains clutter-free.

8. Upholstery Stain Guard

 Children’s snacks and drinks have a knack for landing everywhere but their mouths. Applying an upholstery stain guard can act as a shield, repelling potential spills or stains and ensuring your car seats remain spotless and looking new.

9. First Aid Kit

While hoping you never need it, having a first aid kit in the car is crucial. Children are prone to minor injuries, whether a scraped knee from the park or a paper cut. Having a kit on hand helps you prepare for those unexpected moments.

10. Multi-Point Inspection with McCullough NAPA 

Schedule a qualifying service with us, such as an oil change or tire rotation, we will perform a complimentary multi-point inspection of your vehicle’s major components. McCullough NAPA Auto Care is a family-owned auto repair shop in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Naturally, we want to help neighboring families as they commute to where they’re going.